Men of God. Meant for God.

By Jonathan Chua Dear brothers, What does it mean to be a real man? When I was a young boy, I looked to the world for what it meant to be a man. Finding a clear definition of masculinity was an especially difficult one which only led me to superheroes or the ‘perfect’ men in […]

SOCL 2019: Reflections on the Father’s Love

By Joseph Fernandez I have never understood God the Father. When people tell me to picture the Father, the first thing I think of is God the Unmoved Mover, a First Cause from which all Creation sprang from, but not a person I can have a relationship with. Funnily enough, I did not have this […]

The Vocation of Womanhood

By Ariel Leia See   The Desire to Love and be Loved My dear sisters, have you ever had (or do you still have) this insatiable longing deep within your hearts to love and to be loved?   I know I do. Since I was a little girl, I wished to be chosen, seen and […]

3 Signs You Should Attend Kickstart 2019

By Whitney David   If you’re looking to begin your university life on the right foot, OYP has an answer for you – Kickstart 2019! Kickstart is a two day, one night retreat catered to incoming freshmen for both local and overseas universities. It aims to provide a platform for university students to get to […]

The Gift of Music

By Sherilyn Chong   I was watching a video about a priest sharing how he got into learning an instrument. He was explaining that he was not a professional, but an amateur, which in French means, ‘one who loves’.   I first discovered my love for music at the age of six. Obviously, I didn’t […]

The Gift of Mercy

By Ryan Paul   “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” – Luke 7:36   We are all called to be merciful just as God is merciful to us. The Greek word for mercy is Eleeo; it means to have compassion and patience for those who are suffering. The concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual […]

The Gift of Encouragement

By Justyn Goh   Recently, I watched one of C.S Lewis’ cinematic creations of the Chronicles of Narnia. After watching the movie, it left me with a deep and penetrating ‘good’ feeling. I was intrigued by the stirring within me and felt greatly encouraged. Witnessing the countless number of trials the Narnians faced against the […]

On Advent: Make Ready the Way of the Lord!

by Marcus Yee Hello all! Have you ever wondered what Advent actually means? Why do the priests wear purple? What are the one pretty pink and three purple candles for? I had these questions too, and as I journeyed deeper into the season of Advent, these questions began to accumulate, and I figured, “Why not […]

My Vocation is to Love: The Gift and Office of Administration (Part 2)

by Teresa Luo The Office of Administration In the previous article, we discussed the characteristics of administration as a personal gift; now we look at administration as an office–an appointment or duty. An office of administration is given to a leader with a clear mandate from God, approved by the church leaders to guide, coordinate, […]

My Vocation is to Love: The Gift and Office of Administration (Part 1)

by Teresa Luo Gifts of the Spirit As varied as the personalities that form the Church, so are there an assortment of gifts or charisms for each person in the one Body of Christ. Wisdom, prophecy, administration, teaching, and tongues are but a few of the many gifts which can be broadly categorised into Traditional […]