SOW n GROW 2018

A group of us who attended Office for Young People (OYP) ’s School of Witness (SOW) earlier this year decided to commit to a follow up programme called ‘SOW n GROW’. The core of SOW n GROW is to deepen our relationship with the Lord and build on the encounters that we have experienced at […]

St Peter and Paul, The Indispensable Men of the Church.

Written by Marcus Yee The journey from discipleship to being apostles can seem like such an intimidating yet desirable movement of our lives. There is also no doubt that this journey is one that is arduous, challenging, and life-long. As we embark on this seemingly impossible walk towards God through our lives, I feel very […]

The Cracks Bring the Light out

Written by Johannes Tjendro You might have been ticked off by Star-Lord when he loses his cool in the recent Avengers movie. If only he’d been more patient. If only he were a more perfect person. It turns out that the guy behind this character we love to hate has something to say about being […]

Finding Beauty in our Brokenness.

Written by Michelle Lee Throughout the bible, we see God choosing to use imperfect people for His mission. Peter denied Jesus three times, Paul persecuted Christians before he became one, Jonah ran away from God, David committed adultery, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and the list goes on. They were broken people and so are […]

Creativity, an everyday Spirituality.

Written by Laura Tan When we hear the word “creative,” many of us are quick to reject or exclude ourselves from the label, claiming that we aren’t born creative. We are so accustomed to thinking of the creative soul as the rare and brilliant genius, the fountainhead of new and exciting ideas, the source of […]

The journey from sinfulness to Holiness.

Written by Nicholas Siew The Call to Holiness We yearn to be free from sin and to live a life of holiness but do we know what we are fighting against? Or what we are fighting for? Do we know what holiness means? In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for holy is Kadosch which […]

The Love of Our Father.

Written by Nicole Er Our Heavenly Father’s love for us is our first love. He loved us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. In Psalm 139:14, it says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. His love breathed life into us and continues to be the reason for our existence. Because He called […]

The Source and Summit of Life.

Written by Daryl Tan The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass I used to feel obligated to attend mass every Sunday because it is seen as a rule for me as a Catholic to live by. In the recent year, something in my heart spurred a desire to sincerely worship God in the Mass. To more […]

I Hear You, God; I Hear You Not

Written by Frances Gan “Hello? God? Can you hear me? I can’t hear you!” As much as I believe that prayer is like thumbprint, unique to every individual in the way we speak or relate to God, there are some commonalities that reveal the truth that God is speaking. Before listing my personal experience in discerning God’s voice, […]

Living a Christ-centered life.

Written by Bryan Francisco In the fast paced society of Singapore, where all we can really ever think about is what we’re going to do next, be it at work or at school, what does it mean to “put God at the center of our lives”?More often than not, when we say we put God […]