KICKSTART: God Welcomes Me Home

Before Kickstart, I was a lukewarm Catholic, going for Sunday masses for the sake of obligation and not keeping Christ in the centre of my life as I fell deeper and deeper into the ways of the world. During Kickstart, I felt that it was a wake-up call for me to really listen to what […]

KICKSTART: The Unconditional Love of the Lord

Before Kickstart, an old lie had begun to creep back into my heart about having to earn the father’s love. I was dreading the start of university because I thought that it was going to be another platform for me to “earn” that love. During Kickstart, the Lord revealed his unconditional love for me once […]

KICKSTART: Grateful for Community

Community life has kept me accountable for maintaining my faith life in NUS. The hectic nature of school makes it easy to get lost in the worldly and we forget that we are called to serve God in our thoughts, words and deeds. Going for campus mass and CG sessions provide the dedicated time and […]

KICKSTART: Grounded in the Lord

Coming into Kickstart, I wasn’t sure if I really needed the retreat experience and it was with this mindset that I entered. Looking back however, the 2 days of sharing and companionship was an amazing time and a great time to reflect on entering university as a Catholic. Any hesitation I came in with was […]

KICKSTART: Seen and Loved

I had my first intimate encounter with Jesus in my university life at Kickstart. Entering University was scary, and there were so many new things to try and experience. The biggest fear I had in university was that I would lose myself in the midst of pursuing grades and achievements. It was in Kickstart that […]

KICKSTART 2019: My Close Friend and Father

I came into kickstart rather unwillingly, having been urged to sign up by a friend who knew I was a Catholic. I was only a Catholic by name then, having never gone for mass except for Good Fridays and I felt that God was distant and didn’t care about me. I attended Kickstart like that […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Serving God While Spiritually Dry

by Sim Yanting Yanting is in her mid-twenties, and is working as a marketer in the tech industry. She converted to Catholicism in 2013, and now brings other young people to the faith through RCIY at St Ignatius. Outside her day job and ministry work, she enjoys reading, photography, design, and gardening. She blogs about […]


Michael (above, far right)  by Michael Krygsman Prior to Treasure, I often found myself too proud to place God in the centre of my life. I was constantly consumed by the guilt and shame from my sins and I never felt worthy of his love. As a result, the Sacrament of Reconciliation was something foreign […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: His Perfect Love Heals

by Wei Lynn Tan When I heard about SOCL, I was very hesitant to sign up. Would I be able to really make it through a 10 day retreat? It felt like too tall an order for someone who had only recently begun to take her faith life seriously. However, it was by God’s grace […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: The Joy of Discipleship

by Joshua Tan Following Jesus is hard work, but it is work that is full of joy. Before the School of Christian Leadership (SOCL), I had forgotten about the joy; I only looked at how hard being a disciple was. I started my second semester last year optimistic about growing in faith. I committed to […]