Testimony & Thanksgiving: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

by Lionel Lee “But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33 I attended the School of Christian Leadership 2018 (SOCL) feeling very lost and very dry and seeking things of this world and not of God. Having the […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Daughter of the Father

by Regina Vanda College life is a time of great transformation, filled with trials but also with graces. The Lord offers to walk with us, to calm the storm for us and to straighten the way to fulfilment of our lives. It is difficult to comprehend how much grace is available for us to claim as […]

KICKSTART: God Waits For You

I was inspired to join Kickstart through the encouragement of my parents and after I received an email that I did not manage to get a slot in my engineering freshmen camp since the slots were full. Conveniently, it was being held over the weekend and this would be the best opportunity to free myself […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: The Lover of Your Soul Waits For You.

by Joseph Fernandez I grew up in a Catholic family, where I was considered a “good, Catholic boy”. I would attend Mass and Catechism (I mean, when your mum is the catechist, you pretty much have no choice) and, after my first God experience during Confirmation camp, I joined the Youth Ministry in my parish. […]

KICKSTART: A Leap of Faith

One of my friends was egging me on to participate in Kickstart but I was very hesitant and anxious. I am an introverted person and retreats make me anxious. However, as most stories go, I decided to take a leap of faith. The camp was meant to be between God and I. Sounds like a […]

KICKSTART: I Will Give You Rest

Going into Kickstart, I was completely and utterly lost. At that point I wasn’t accepted into any university and felt like a fraud. The retreat was incredibly healing for me as my brothers and sisters in Christ rallied around me and reassured me to trust in God’s plan for me and not to place my […]

The Love of Our Father.

Written by Nicole Er Our Heavenly Father’s love for us is our first love. He loved us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. In Psalm 139:14, it says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. His love breathed life into us and continues to be the reason for our existence. Because He called […]

KICKSTART: A Space to Deepen My Relationship with Him

University is said to be the best time of our lives and yet, I entered it feeling a lot of apprehension. It was a new environment with new people and new responsibilities. As someone who had just recently decided to find God again, I was afraid that this renewed faith would be drowned by all […]

God’s graces.

Written by Olivia Tian   Last weekend Moses and I served at treasure 9. He was in the intercessory team while I served as a facilitator. But what made it different this time round was that we brought Isaiah along with us. Leading up to the retreat I had a lot of doubts if we were […]

KICKSTART: My Strength Comes from the Lord

When I entered Uni, I felt like I was jumping back and forth between two worlds of friends-one from Catholic Students Apostolate(CSA) and the other, from my school. Though my friends in school were not those who would constantly break into vulgarities, they were very absent from school and our conversations were always centred on […]