Hi, my name is Leonard, and I’m in my final semester studying civil engineering in NUS. I’m writing this post to share a little on how I try to reach out to Catholics in NUS. This desire to reach out to fellow Catholics on campus was brought out because of my experience in Catholic Student […]

SMU Fides President Marcus Shares His Journey

My journey in Fides has been nothing short of amazing thus far! So often, we hear that walking with God is a journey, and my time in Fides has truly been testament to that. I am a cradle Catholic, and have always known myself to be Catholic but without truly understanding my faith. Despite having […]

Receive Lord Jesus, This Heart of Worship

Worship has always been close to my heart for it is where I feel connected with Jesus Christ, so when I was suddenly diagnosed with vocal polyps while attending the OYP School of Witness this year and lost my voice completely, I was very upset that I could no longer praise and worship Him with […]

My Journey

Nicolette Pereira, current and 24th President of NTU’s Catholic Students’ Apostolate, shares her journey: I never had a very close relationship with God and was only a mundane Sunday Catholic but there was always something that I felt was lacking in my life. I busied myself with so many things that I thought could fill […]

My Testimony

By Grace I’m Free! Growing up, I attended the usual catechism classes and Sunday Masses but was not involved in any other activities in church nor did I think much about my faith. However, things changed for me when I returned from overseas studies 3 years ago and was asked to assist in catechism classes. […]