Leading with the Shepherd’s Heart- SOCL’15

The Shepherds and their flock. 🙂 While most students their age spent their summers abroad or interning, a group of young people spent their first week of June in the Office of Young People (OYP) at Lorong Low Koon discovering what God was saying to them. Christina Chua, a full time staff in OYP who […]

The Father’s Love, Freely Given

My name is Gladys and I’m 23 years old. I’ve just unofficially completed my education in NUS. I come from the Church of St. Bernadette and I’m a part of a community called Alife! My community’s ministry is primarily to reach out to young people at the secondary level through church camps. In those church […]

Come to Jesus As You Are and Let Rescue Begin

I’m Brendan from the School Of Witness 2015 and I wish to testify as to how the love of Jesus brought me out from my very own spiritual desert. I am 21 this year and a cradle Catholic. For the longest time, I thought that being born Catholic was a real burden because of the […]

Thanksgiving & Testimony: Combined University Retreat

by Jeffrey Espehana (NUS) “A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you; and I  will remove from your body the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” – Ezekiel 36:26 Before I met Jesus, my heart was cold and hard as stone. I kept people […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Combined Uni Retreat

by Roberta Marcia Thomas (SIM) [Mid 2009] I was in a situation where I did not have time to embrace the pain I felt; neither could I find a safe outlet for the hurt I was holding on to. The fear that an outburst would lead to gossip, forced me to bury the hurt deep […]

Youth Coordinator Sheila Fong Shares Her Journey

My journey towards being a youth coordinator has surprisingly been paved since I was 13 and looking for a place in the parish. I was not the most prayerful child, and everyone who knew me from my teenage years will be shocked as to where and who I am today. Yet on retrospect, this seed […]

SOW 2014: Testimony

By Grace I’m Free!   Growing up, I attended the usual catechism classes and Sunday Masses but I was not involved in any other activities in church nor did I think much about my faith. However, things changed for me when I returned from overseas studies 3 years ago and was asked to assist in […]

Keegan’s Testimony

As much as I am petrified from all the responsibilities and pressure that awaits me during my tenure as the president of JCU, I am well aware that God is greater than my anxieties, doubts and worries. I first received the calling to lead during my awaken camp last June this year.  I felt an […]


Hi, my name is Leonard, and I’m in my final semester studying civil engineering in NUS. I’m writing this post to share a little on how I try to reach out to Catholics in NUS. This desire to reach out to fellow Catholics on campus was brought out because of my experience in Catholic Student […]

SMU Fides President Marcus Shares His Journey

My journey in Fides has been nothing short of amazing thus far! So often, we hear that walking with God is a journey, and my time in Fides has truly been testament to that. I am a cradle Catholic, and have always known myself to be Catholic but without truly understanding my faith. Despite having […]