Get to Know Our Youth Coordinators

Tamara Emir, 34
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

TammyTamara with her dog Starbucks

Q1) What led you to work in the parish full-time?
I’ve pretty much grown up at OLPS and have a deep love for this parish. I was blessed to have a wonderful youth ministry experience myself  with wonderful mentors and I think every youth in OLPS deserves an opportunity to have that sense of community too.

Q2) What has given you the most Joy in your work?
Watching the youth grow personally and spiritually, stepping up and developing the same love for our parish and her people.

Q3)Which country would you most like to visit and why?
Oh, so many places but it would probably have to be Antarctica! I imagine there would be such a peaceful silence there and nothing stirs my heart more than experiencing the immensity and creativity of God in Nature.

Q4) What’s one interesting thing that nobody knows about you?
Well my best friend probably knows this, (does it still count??) but I have a weird habit of counting letters in my head as people speak. Not a very useful thing to do but I’d rock at Wheel Of Fortune! Haha