Working Adults Communities

“How good, how delightful it is to live as brothers all together!” - Psalm 133:1.

As Jesus’ first disciples lived and prayed together on their mission to build the church, so too do we see the need for us to live out our faith together in community. It is not easy to sustain our faith lives alone as we work. At OYP, we desire to build communities - a Christ-centred space where we follow Him together.

A life in community is founded deeply in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, yet takes place daily in the reality of our lives. It is a life of sharing in joys and sorrows, of how God’s love and plan for us unfolds in our own stories. It is a life of prayer, discovering Jesus’ presence and listening to His voice. It is a life of mission to reach out and gather our fellow brothers and sisters, that they too may encounter Him.

At the centre of these elements is a call to become more like Jesus, to put on the face of Christ and to lay down our lives, that others may live. It is in this mutual giving and receiving of love that we discover the fruits of community - a joy, peace, unity, a greater sense of Church and above all, Jesus Christ Himself. Flowing from this life of communion is a call to mission - being built up to be sent into the mission fields to serve at retreats, in community leadership, in evangelisation events as part of His One Church.