7 Graces 2 (7G2)

Our Beginnings
We started off in 2014 as strangers with the name ‘Budding Community’. Through the years we have seen God’s work in our lives, as we see the Lord growing our community in both numbers and in faith!

We have since multiplied to 2 communities, and now we are 7Graces 2 – A community for young working adults across the various stages of life.

About Us

Here in community, we learn to live as brothers and sisters in Christ. Learning to worship, break the word, fellowship and share our lives.

Living in the world, we face many daily challenges and struggles. That is why in community, we focus on being rooted in the Lord, and building the foundations of our lives on communion, prayer and mission.

Our Activities
We meet every Saturday for praise, worship, formation, outreach and social sessions.

WHEN: Saturday, 2.30 -6.00pm
WHERE: Office for Young People
CONTACT: Ian (9750 7975) or sevengraces2 @gmail.com