Seven Graces (7G)

Our Beginnings
We started off in 2014 as strangers with the name ‘Budding Community’, intended for young adults at various stages of life. “Budding” gave us the space and freedom to grow deeper in a Christ centered community

Our Growth
Aiming for God’s Grace for perfection, the numeric SEVEN symbolizes completeness from the beginning and end in both the physical and spiritual sense. It is in our hope that we receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that is only possible by sanctifying grace. Truly, nothing but God’s grace could have brought us to fruitful growth – where we are today and how we hope to be when we meet Him face to face.

Our Motto
CAYA – Come As You Are
Because in our community, we cherish our individuality while we come together to grow in love with God and each other!

Our Vision
A grace-filled community growing with God’s people.
This forms a Christ centered Discipleship which is to love and to serve.

Our Activities
We meet every Saturday for praise, worship, formation, outreach and social sessions.

WHEN: Saturday, 2PM
WHERE: Office for Young People
CONTACT: Brandon – 9657 0332 or

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