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Catholic Youth Day 2019

Pope Francis reminds us in Christus Vivit, “Jesus can bring all the young people of the Church together in a single dream, a great dream, a dream with a place for everyone.”

Through Catholic Youth Day 2019, we want to celebrate the gift and centrality of Jesus Christ in our Catholic faith. The Office for Young People invites all young people (aged 16 to 35 years) to CYD @ 2,4 Lorong Low Koon, to come, see and experience what it means to be part of one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, alive in Jesus Christ.

This CYD is also a call to all our active young Catholics to actively reach out to other young people to bring them to experience the saving grace they have come to personally experience in Christ.

This year’s CYD has two distinct segments.

Morning-Afternoon Segment:
CYD begins at 11 am on 20 July Saturday with worship, preaching by Fr Brian D’souza and break-out sessions and workshops on a variety of themes. There will also be a children’s ministry for parents with young kids. To attend the Morning-Afternoon Segment, registration is required. More information on this will be available soon.

Evening Segment:
The CYD tickets that will be sold are for entry to the Evening Segment. The doors will open at 4.30pm and the Evening Segment will begin with 5.30pm Mass celebrated by His Grace Archbishop William Goh.

There will be a dinner break before we present a short production which addresses the real struggles our young people grapple with which influence how they perceive Jesus to be. This will be followed by a preaching by Fr Jude David.

The Evening Segment will end at 10.30pm and lead into an overnight vigil before the Blessed Sacrament. Prayer ministry and the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available till midnight. CYD will close with sunrise praise and worship at 7am on Sunday, 21 July.

Tickets can be purchased at If you purchase a minimum of 10 tickets before 20th June 2019, you will enjoy an early bird discount of 10%. Full priced tickets are on sale at $15.00. Ticket price includes a meal, a drink and a CYD t-shirt.

Our Challenge:
To every young active Catholic who has encountered the living Jesus: ask the Holy Spirit for faith and courage to buy an extra ticket for a friend who does not know Jesus or who you know is searching. So that every young person has the opportunity to be brought to Jesus and experience the warmth of his mercy and his love! For this is God’s heart!