Behind the Scenes at CYD: Creativity

Having experienced the love of God in a very real and tangible manner in my life, I desired to serve in CYD to spread this love that I have first received to others as well! Prepping for CYD has been a very exciting journey; the ability to evangelise and testify to God’s love through creative movement has been a very precious experience for me. I used to think that I was unable to dance and would never think of even participating in such an event, but the freedom that God has given me to praise Him through movement is something I cannot keep to myself but desire to use for the glory of God and to share with others. I hope that those coming for CYD may be open to come to know the depths of the Lord’s love for them, and that a desire may be stirred in their hearts to come to know personally who Jesus is! – Genevieve Especkerman, 24 (front right)


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