Behind the Scenes at CYD: Publicity & Event Space

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes work; planning out decorations around the compound to make it look more festive and welcoming, and inviting people to come and experience what God has in store for them through social media. It has been fulfilling as I really enjoy using my creativity muscles. It has also made me realise how much thought and effort goes into every single detail, to make people feel special and welcome. I have learned how the small things that we do can actually help people experience God. My hope for those attending is that they are open to what God wants to reveal to them. He is waiting to welcome you back home and into His arms. See you at CYD!  – Melissa Lee, 25 (left)

I’m preparing the overall decorations and layout of the outdoor spaces used for CYD and designing collateral used for the event. My main mission is to create a festive and light environment, for people to rest and feel welcomed in this place of God’s embrace. So far, it’s been exciting to see how God has inspired the publicity and decorations team to move with Him, especially in creating an inviting space for this event. I hope all will come to feel welcomed and at home in this place and know that they are infinitely loved and known by a God who has created each one of them!
– Mary Koh, 23 (right)



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