Behind the Scenes at CYD: Logistics

Melvin Lew, 46

1. What area are you serving in?
Logistics which means anything from outdoor infrastructure to cleaning service , it’s most likely done by this team.

2. What has the experience been like?
It has been exciting, nerve-wrecking and joyful.

3. What are your hopes for CYD and the people attending?
That people get to experience the oneness of the church, that it’s a way to exercise and share our faith by inviting friends to an encounter of Christ.

4. What have you learned as you prepare for CYD?
That it is the seemingly small things that matter. As Mother Teresa used to say, “Do small things with great love.” So in many small and hidden ways, we can dedicate all our effort to Jesus and still find joy in doing it! Christ is really the one we rely on beyond the planning and execution to the best of our abilities.

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