Words written and spoken by Clara Lim

A beautiful spoken word reflection about the journey to discovering, and believing in one’s chosenness as a child of God. We pray that as you watch this, you too will begin to re-discover your preciousness as an irreplaceable child of God!

I have long been cast at the sidelines.
People starred as their lead; I as a supporting act.
Where is the greatness in that?

When others were lauded, I lay forgotten.
When others thrived on their talents, I survived with the balance.
What uniqueness would you say?

When life treated me carelessly,
you didn’t intervene.
How could a precious child of the Almighty Father be convinced?

I look in the mirror,
and see smeared across
insignificance, forgotten
abandoned, rejected
unforgiveness, empty
broken, unloved and drained…
Where are you God in all of these?

I’ve toiled and built,
and yet something still lacks
My immaculate exterior
hides the inner cracks.

I look in the mirror,
my shoulders stand proud designed by the world
but my gaze, shallow, and my heart, hollow
Who am I? I still don’t know.

My child, how can you believe I choose you
when you keep choosing you?
Stop this imitation, and accept my invitation
Let them be them, and you be you

I have come to give you life to the full, withholding no portion.
Why settle for puddles, when I have poured out the ocean?

My love is unique and inclusive
It is for all, and yes, it is for you.
I chose Jesus, my Only Son
to die for you, my chosen one
For by his death on the cross,
you are alive
Do you believe now this love of mine?

I adorn your face with smiles to lift in joy
I sounded the laughter to bring you glee
I caught every tear that words your hurt
I held every cry that tore your heart
I am here, child, can’t you see?

The heartaches and suffering that this life bring
I detest them all, but my love will win
Darkness will not prevail,
he knows you are mine

Look in the mirror one more time
Seek not your face but only mine

I knit you in your mother’s womb to be a light.
So step out, fight and shine bright

99 are loved, yes, no doubt
but of you, my one, I am so proud.
Chosen, precious and adored
Who could I ever want more?

My mind is in disbelief,
yet my heart soars at the Truth
Do I dare claim and go beyond what I knew?

I look at the mirror once again,
and it shatters when I say: I have a Father who knows my ways.

Heavenly Father, embrace me tight,
for in your being, I am me.
I am daughter and warrior of the Light
Chosen, restored, loved and free.


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