We are moving our sessions online. They will take place on Saturdays at 10:00am. Click on the link above to register!

Calling all Army Boys! Seeking to cultivate a closer relationship with God and a community to walk with during this time of uncertainty? Been stagnant in your prayer life, and want to reignite your faith with a group of like-minded young people? Come as you are to our weekly gatherings to find out more! Share your stories, your struggles and joys, pray and worship together as a community.

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. - 1Chronicles 16:11


Handy resources to keep Jesus close!

Pray As You Go

Daily prayer sessions designed to go with you wherever you are to help you pray whenever you find time!

Reimagining the Examen

Based on Mark Thibodeaux SJ's book, Reimagining the Examen, this app offer flexible versions of the Examen.


Includes many awesome resources such as an interactive Rosary, Daily Readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Roman Missal changes, and the NAB and Douay-Rheims versions of the bible – all in a simple to navigate layout.



Being a part of CAYA has made me realise that I am not alone in my struggles and I have my community members and Jesus! The community helps me to remember the intense desire that God has for me, His love and His mercy. CAYA also encourages me to pursue Jesus more intentionally.

The challenge remains but I know that I can count on my community to support me as I continually return to the Father’s open arms.


CAYA stands for Come As You Are. I invite my brothers who are about to enlist, to know that there is a special place for you here. A place with no fear where you can just be yourself. A place to grow and find out who Jesus really wants you to be. Since the day I enlisted, I would always compare my time in the army as the time Jesus ventured into the desert. A place where spiritual dryness becomes real and temptations easily arise. CAYA has allowed me to acknowledge the presence of Jesus Christ in this desert and that I do not have to go through it alone.


Come As You Are (CAYA) has been a place where I can step out of my comfort zone and interact with others as I share my struggles and victories in my daily life. While currently serving NS, my faith has been tested multiple times. I don’t live out my faith in camp and instead conform to certain behaviour and actions. Living a double life, CAYA has helped me realise that I have nothing to fear. There is no shame and resentment from my community members and Jesus himself even as I struggle to pursue a life of discipleship. I believe Jesus has called us each by name to come together in our brokenness to care, support and encourage one another in this season of our lives. To my brothers in Christ currently serving or going to enlist, this past few months have been such a blessing as I have a group of extraordinary young men to journey with towards a common goal which is Jesus Christ! Do not let your fear and insecurities pull you away from discovering what the Lord has installed for you. Do not be afraid to COME AS YOU ARE!