As Jesus’ first disciples lived and prayed together on their mission to build the church, so too do we see the need for us to live out our faith together in community. It is not easy to sustain our faith lives alone as we work. At OYP, we desire to build communities - a Christ-centred space where we follow Him together.

A life in community is founded deeply in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, yet takes place daily in the reality of our lives. It is a life of sharing in joys and sorrows, of how God’s love and plan for us unfolds in our own stories. It is a life of prayer, discovering Jesus’ presence and listening to His voice. It is a life of mission to reach out and gather our fellow brothers and sisters, that they too may encounter Him.

At the centre of these elements is a call to become more like Jesus, to put on the face of Christ and to lay down our lives, that others may live. It is in this mutual giving and receiving of love that we discover the fruits of community - a joy, peace, unity, a greater sense of Church and above all, Jesus Christ Himself. Flowing from this life of communion is a call to mission - being built up to be sent into the mission fields to serve at retreats, in community leadership, in evangelisation events as part of His One Church.

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Who: All young people (16-35 years)
When: 4 consecutive Sundays, starting from 24 May (Sun), 3-5pm
Where: Online!

Often, the Lord draws us away from the busyness of our lives, to a sacred place where we can come to encounter Him. In this circuit breaker, God invites us to carve out time and space ever more intentionally to come and meet with Him.

Join us on this 4-week online series every Sunday, to tune into the heart of God through prayer and reflection on Scripture. As Church, let us come together to honor the day of the Lord, and grow in our relationship with Him!

Can't make it for all 4 sessions? Just indicate your attendance accordingly. Sign up today and invite a friend to join you too!



How good, how delightful it is to live as brothers all together! - Psalm 133:1.


Community Spotlight: Spero

Testimony & Thanksgiving: His Light Shines Brighter

by Tiffany Tan, Spero

Jesus has never left his eyes off us. 

In this period of waiting for a new job opportunity to arise, I feel a sense of hopelessness and annoyance. This pandemic is going to prolong the waiting and in the beginning, I detested it.

I am thankful to my community, who reminds me to display mercy and bring hope to others in these difficult times, especially to those at the fringe of society.  They show what it means to go beyond my little inconvenience and to care and pray for those suffering out there. 

I am also thankful for a community that continues to pray together through alternative means, bringing me closer to God during this period. The  zoom prayer sessions brought a sense of togetherness and stillness amidst this season of Lent. It shows that despite the incapacity to meet physically, we still desire to connect spiritually and pray together as one church. The Bible study which took me through the Passion of Christ during Lent brought me ever closer in Jesus' passion and revealed to me the immense love He has for us through his sufferings. It has encouraged me to bear my cross with perseverance and hope as I know that bearing these crosses are for a greater purpose - eternity. 

I believe that in this season of waiting, Jesus is holding space to allow His grace to work in us, to reveal more of Himself to us, and for us to encounter Him in the darkness, where His light will shine infinitely brighter.

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1 Peter

1 Peter is a community of working adults living out a mission to transform the world by being fully alive in Christ. We gather to be formed, share, fellowship, pray, praise, worship and testify to God’s unfailing faithfulness. Bookclubs, bible study, music jamming, exercise and pilgrimages are pet hobbies!

Journeying together has seen us through various life stages and different seasons of spiritual growth, but we remain a community of disciples living and sharing the love of Christ. Plus, community sessions are never dull—be it with the toothy-smile of a 10-month old, or the musings of a 30-year old!

Currently, we meet weekly at the Church of Saint Bernadette for cell group sharing and formation sessions.  On top of this, we also grow through various community events as well as communal Eucharistic Adoration and the Celebration of the Eucharist.

WHEN: Friday, 8:00pm
WHERE: Church of St Bernadette
CONTACT: Janice (98801179)

7 Graces 1 (7G1)

Our beginnings We started as a group of individuals in 2014 with only, the common desire to grow our faith. Through God’s unwavering direction, we grew into the ‘Seven Graces Community’ in 2015. Through discernment under His ceaseless grace, we multiplied into 2 communities in Aug 2018.

Who we are Seven Graces 1 desires to be a spiritual community that walks together with, and towards Jesus. We seek to preserve a safe spirit of prayer, authenticity, openness and unity.

We gather every week to reflect & share God’s movement in our lives, growing in love and committed to a Christ-centred lifestyle.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”
– Hebrews 10: 24-25

WHEN: Saturdays, 2:00pm to 5:00pm
CONTACT: Clara Lim

7 Graces 2 (7G2)

Our Beginnings
We started off in 2014 as strangers with the name ‘Budding Community’. Through the years we have seen God’s work in our lives, as we see the Lord growing our community in both numbers and in faith!

We have since multiplied to 2 communities, and now we are 7Graces 2 – A community for young working adults across the various stages of life.

About Us

Here in community, we learn to live as brothers and sisters in Christ. Learning to worship, break the word, fellowship and share our lives.

Living in the world, we face many daily challenges and struggles. That is why in community, we focus on being rooted in the Lord, and building the foundations of our lives on communion, prayer and mission.

Our Activities
We meet every Saturday for praise, worship, formation, outreach and social sessions.

WHEN: Saturdays, 2:00pm to 5:00pm
CONTACT: Ian (9750 7975)  


Fig Tree

Formed in January 2013, the Fig Tree Community is a small group of young adults aiming to deepen our relationship with Christ by being authentic, supporting and challenging one another in our journey of faith. We meet once a week, and sessions are centred on scripture, prayer, and a genuine sharing of lives. We also organise regular intellectual formation sessions and social gatherings, and warmly welcome anyone who is interested to come celebrate the end of your hectic work week with us and experience Christ through community. Please contact us before dropping by for more details!

We warmly welcome all born between 1992 and 1985 to join us! 

WHEN: Friday, 8pm
WHERE: Church of St Bernadette
CONTACTKarina Wong (9857 9914) 

Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well was formed in 2017 and is a community of young working adults seeking God and kingdom friendships.

Our name is adopted from the gospel story of the Samaritan Woman at the well (John4:4-26). Through prayer and discernment, we identified the common themes of healing, child-like faith, trust, discipleship, and living waters as the landmarks of our identity.

We hope that the community will be a gathering place where members come to take rest in God and draw the living waters. Just as how Jacob’s well was also the initial place where the Samaritan woman encountered Christ, we hope for this community to be a place where we come to have encounters with the Lord and continue to seek the living water He provides.

WHEN: Saturdays, 12:00pm-3:00pm
CONTACT: Justin (9230 1810) or Joey (8183 4532)



The image of a Lighthouse beautifully encapsulates both the identity we bear as Children of Light and the very mission that Christ called us to be on, to be the Salt and Light of the World!

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light for the effects of the light are seen in complete goodness and right living and truth Ephesians 5: 8

The Lighthouse’s primary purpose is to be the light that guides seafarers back to safety, refuge and ultimately their homes. This holds a two-fold meaning that invites us to first be reminded of the Light that brought us back home – Christ himself (I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness John 12 : 46) , and also our mission to reflect and bear this Light as a witness and testimony for others; And so in the same way, allowing others to encounter the light of our risen Lord and welcoming them home from whatever storms and seas they are in.

WHEN: Fridays, 8:00pm to 10:30pm
Contact: Justyn Goh (91136917)

Living Ark

Our Humble Beginnings (Warning: Deep Story)
We began as a group of fresh graduates who desired to start a community together. Through the grace of God and the Graduation Recollection retreat organised by OYP, we met like-minded friends who like us, were keen to start a community and journey together. What brought all of us together was our fervent desire to be grounded in our faiths as we entered the working world. We believed that a community is essential in keeping us grounded as well as to help us grow in our love for Christ, through sharing our joys, sorrows and ambitions with one other and God as the centre of it all. All of us believed that having a community to pray with and for each other would not only help us to grow in love for one another but to grow in our desire for God as well.

Our Vision
To grow as a community of friends into a family in Christ.

WHEN: Thursday, 8:00pm
CONTACT: Natasha (8200 4315) 


Living Rock

The Old Testament tells the story of a rock, struck by Moses, from which water flowed out and became a source of sustenance for the Israelites during their 40 years in the desert. The New Testament brings this metaphor of the rock to completion in the incarnation of Jesus who though struck down in death, rose to new life and became the eternal source of living water, our rock of refuge and fount of life. As a community, we seek to drink from the rock of living water, this Living Rock. Whether we share our lives with one another in community, or travel to faraway mission fields to bring others to the rock of living water , we affirm that this community wi l l always be a life-giving place of shelter and refuge for our members, a safe space for rest and renewal – a home where the love and peace of God resides. We also further desire to share this rock of living water with others so that they may come to experience life built on the foundation of Jesus and never be thirsty again.

WHEN: Fridays, 8:00pm
CONTACT: Bryan (93211048)

Mensa Christi

Mensa Christi stands for “Table of Christ” in Latin. It is also the name of a church in Tabgha, Israel which venerates the spot where Jesus prepared breakfast for His disciples after His resurrection. There Jesus had asked Peter three times,”Do you love me?” and instructed Peter to care for His flock.

The bible passage from John 21 is therefore a strong reflection of our community. In Mensa Christi, we gather as one family at the Table of the Lord to be nourished by Jesus. At this table, He is at the head and each of us has our own unique seat. There are also empty chairs to be filled, as we invite others to join us in knowing, loving and serving God.

WHEN: Saturdays, 10:00am to 1:00pm,
Contact: Desmond Foo (9624 6267), Mervin Prakash (91715542)

Psalm 84

To lead people to God’s dwelling place, where faith is nurtured and renewed, so that they can be the light of Christ in the world.
Who We Are

While we are a group of young adults who come from different backgrounds, what binds us together is the common desire to seek God’s dwelling place (Ps 84:1), where we can be recharged so that we can set our hearts on a pilgrimage (Ps 84:5) to be the light of Christ in our families, work and social circles.

We desire to embark on a journey of discipleship in an authentic, supportive and inclusive Catholic Christian community that is grounded in humility, and a growing relationship and trust in Jesus.

WHEN: Fridays, 7.30 pm
CONTACT: Terence (9159 6054), (David at 9831 9854)

Revelation 22

Our Beginnings:
In 2017, the community responded to God’s call for revival and fresh vision after 3 years as ‘Sinners Anonymous’. Revelation 22 is the final chapter in the Bible that beautifully describes the restored garden of Eden – our eternal home – where the river of life flows, flowers bloom, and trees bear fruit all year round. We recognise that we are all sinners restored as children of God, with a common mission to be nurtured and to nurture others in God’s garden. This vision of God’s promise to His faithful, is what binds us together in hope and faithfulness.

Who we are:
We come together in love and authenticity to share our lives and grow in faith through the various seasons of life, always aiming to point each other towards Christ. Sessions are cozy, and we’re an easy-going, joyful bunch with a distinct love for sports, food, and puns.

If you feel a call to journey with us, please contact us:

WHEN: Saturday, 9:45am
CONTACT: Fabiola (9828 2380) or Claire (9856 4953)


Welcome to Spero Young Adults Community!

Here at Spero, we foster faith by recognising and growing to live fully in our identities in Christ. No matter where you are in your life now, we welcome you and we will walk with you on this oftentimes crazy but beautiful journey as sons and daughters of the King.

Our Beginnings

Fresh into the working world, we were excited about beginning a new chapter of our lives. However, we were also terrified that we would become just a cog in the corporate wheel and lose sight of God. Knowing that we are created not for isolation but communion, we found that journeying with fellow brothers and sisters was one way in which we could keep our gaze on the Lord.

That’s how Spero began in 2014: A simple desire for Christ, a recognition of the importance of companions and faith the size of a mustard seed. We remain a community of believers ever striving to make God the centre of our lives.

Our Name
Spero means ‘I hope’ in Latin. This is a unique hope, one that is anchored not on ourselves, our own personalities, or even specific expectations for the future, but rather anchored solely on Christ. This hope that centres on bringing our fellow community member to God allows us to speak truthfully to each other, even if we are struggling ourselves, without fear of judgement.

Our Vision
God is most glorified when we live lives of fullness and wholeness.
This means that we live as He desired us to, making shifts in our way of life, and encouraging each other to do the same.

Community and journeying with others seeking the same goal has greatly helped me keep my eyes focused on Christ. Heading in the same direction, we’re able to support each other when faced with challenges and provide that perspective we sometimes fail to see when we’re so caught up in whatever we’re facing. Ultimately it’s about knowing you don’t have to travel this faith journey alone. – Gabby

WHEN: Thursday, 8:00pm
WHERE: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
CONTACT: Regina (9639 4983)

The Lord’s Vineyard

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

We are The Lord’s Vineyard community and we gather as one to remain close to Jesus Christ our source of life. We know that when we are close to the Lord, we will grow and bear much fruit. We invite all who are keen to join us in growing their relationship with Jesus. Come and see where the Lord is calling you towards.

WHEN: Thursday, 8pm to 10pm
WHERE: Office for Young People, 2 Lorong Low Koon


Tent of Meeting

The ‘Tent of Meeting’ is a place people would go to meet God (Exodus 33:7). Our community, formed in 2013 is such a place for us! We desire to be a place of refuge for young working adults to seek God and deepen our relationship with Him, through journeying with one another. We welcome you to step into our ‘Tent!

WHEN: Thursday, 8:00pm
WHERE: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
CONTACT: Jonathan James Ng (96301472)