Revelation 22

Our Beginnings:
In 2017, the community responded to God’s call for revival and fresh vision after 3 years as ‘Sinners Anonymous’. Revelation 22 is the final chapter in the Bible that beautifully describes the restored garden of Eden – our eternal home – where the river of life flows, flowers bloom, and trees bear fruit all year round. We recognise that we are all sinners restored as children of God, with a common mission to be nurtured and to nurture others in God’s garden. This vision of God’s promise to his faithful is what binds us together in hope and faithfulness.

Who we are:
We come together in love and authenticity to share our lives and grow in faith through the various seasons of life, always aiming to point each other towards Christ. Sessions are cosy, and we’re an easy-going, joyful bunch with a distinct love for sports, food and puns.

If you feel a call to journey with us, please contact us:

WHEN: Saturday, 9:45am
CONTACT: Fabiola (9828 2380) or Claire (9856 4953)