E-mmaus Thanksgiving: Be Not Afraid

by Shirin Kwek (top left square)

E-mmaus was what I truly needed in my spiritual journey this Circuit Breaker. It reminded me again how God had transformed my crisis 4 years ago, leading my hubby and I to the 1 Peter community and the Conversion Experience Retreat. The series helped me articulate my laments in this season and, through the homework of writing a Psalm to God, I could seek God’s word and listen to His answers for me.

During the session by Fr Jude on Fear to Freedom, as I listed and named all the fears I had in my life journey, I realized that they all pointed to my fear of being alone. And truly Jesus is the way to help me overcome my fear. Father asked us, “What is the image of Jesus when you imagine Him?” For me, I always see Jesus walking on water, with his words from Matt 14:27: “It is I, be not afraid.”

It was so comforting as I had overlooked the interpretation of this walking on water vision that was given to me. It tells me that Jesus is there, so I need not fear being alone and to have faith that He will catch me even if I sink.

Praise God for these revelations, and I truly felt hope in beginning to change my life, to overcome my fears that have been paralysing me. From today, I’m gonna try something new – to remember our testimony during crisis and surrender control to God, to turn to God’s word and listen whenever I want to lament, and to bring up the image of Jesus walking on water given to me, to remind myself of what He said, to “not be afraid”, for He is there, each time a fear is triggered and change that negative reaction into a positive one.

Praise God for our Journey Partners who made it so easy to share and be vulnerable. God is truly amazing to place all of us in the same group with common struggles and we could really relate and share God’s words of truth we each had to one another, building our faith. Truly, we are not alone.



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