E-mmaus Thanksgiving

“Did not our hearts burn within us as he talked to us?” Thank You Jesus for the 400 young working adults who gathered over the long weekend to discover You on the road to E-mmaus!

Praying for Fr Jude before his preaching

Thank You Jesus for the truths preached into our lives, for the spirit-filled worship and prayer, for the vulnerable testimonies and intimate sharings over these three days.

Thank You Jesus from moving us from Crisis to Conversion; from Lament to Listen; from Fear to Freedom.

Shaun Liu during worship

Thank You Jesus that no measure of isolation can prevent us from gathering as One Church, and that nothing will ever separate us from Your love.

You are our Good Shepherd, and we pray you teach us to follow you in new times and in new ways.

Joel Lau sharing the Good News

Also included: Behind the Scenes footage of the weekend. Stay tuned for more thanksgivings! #OYPemmaus