God Created Me Unique

by Christopher Martinus

A guitar’s build process from start to end takes into attention a numerous amount of details. Different wood materials are used for the fretboard, the neck, and the body, and their shapes vary widely. The electronics need to be wired inside carefully. Different pickups are available to choose from. Different bridges are also available, particularly when it comes to tremolo systems. Strings vary too, each serving a particular purpose and fitting different genres of music. Lastly, let’s not talk about the infinite number of paint jobs and stickers one can customize a guitar with. But regardless of which is chosen for each part and how the end product is customized, each guitar is special.

And such is the case with me.

The Father creates me unique, and I am not meant to be a carbon copy of anyone, past, present, or future. I have been given my own set of gifts. Through my life, as I am damaged and wounded, even those experiences too are unique to me. His works in me, thus, are unique. For this, I bless His name. Though I may be hurt, though I may sometimes lose sight of Him, He is there, working something for my good. He meticulously writes each sentence of the book that is my life and makes sure that no part of my story goes to waste. Even when I trip, stumble, and fall, He never lets go of me. He does not give up on me and instead makes the best out of me. Thus, as my life unfolds, I shall come to see how uniquely I, from start to end, am glorifying the Lord.

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