God’s Light Always Shines Through

by Thea Rezel

The Lord has been inviting me to step out of my darkness into the light. Even though it may make me uncomfortable and it may take time to adjust, just like how someone steps out of a dark room into light and our eyes take time to readjust, He is patiently waiting for me, that He will meet me where I am. Even if He is standing at the end of the corridor, He will walk towards me and pull me out of the darkness. The photos reflects how at every end of a journey, there will always be light since God desires only good things for me. Even in my struggle to accept His love and to trust Him, His light will always shine through and will always be there. He is inviting me everyday to begin to take steps, big or small, towards him, that every step forward means more light and less darkness in my life, that I should not undermine my efforts but to believe that I’m growing closer and closer to him and becoming more and more like Him.


More artwork and photo-reflections:

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