God’s Love

by Alicia Lim

The theme of this artwork is God’s love which has it’s focus on how God’s love is present, connected, and gives freedom and joy. Each ribbon of colour that is painted by the artist is unique and intentional. Though vastly different from each other, they all connect to each other in various ways. There are inconspicuous light green-tinted ribbons throughout the painting, if one were to look carefully, that are also connected to some of the other coloured ribbons. God ever present in everything. The connection of all the ribbons symbolises how God’s love connects everything, and the easy-to-miss lightly tinted ribbons represent the presence of God in our lives. God’s presence and love can be experienced most when we slow down and are sensitive to His Spirit. The Lord has revealed to the artist through the School of Witness (SOW) that even if one does not see, feel or hear anything, it does not take away the predominant fact that God is always present, and that He still showers His love over us. God’s love does not stifle. God’s love is not possessive nor controlling. The artist intentionally left blank space throughout the painting so as to symbolise the Freedom God gives to us. That though His love is overflowing and abundant and a free gift, it does not grip us with a strangulating force, but surrounds us with gentleness and peace. God’s love brings us true joy. The overall harmony of colours and fluid strokes of the paintbrush instill a sense of being carefree. The joy that the Lord has placed into the heart of the artist is expressed on the canvas. When words may fail to express this God-given joy, the creative expression of this art piece intends to spread joy through simple beauty.