God’s Sempiternal Love

by Trina Tan

I only realized during the School of Witness (SOW), how God comes to us in the small things. I had always looked for big miracles, big acts and big shows of faith. In my time in SOW, most of my reflections were done in the company of these yellow flowers. I think the sheer brightness and simple beauty of these small flowers are a constant, steady reminder that God is truly present especially in the smallest of things, in spite of the size. His love is also as such. We don’t always remember the smallest things, we don’t always give attention to them. Similarly, we don’t give enough attention to God’s love for us, despite how glorious, how majestic and how arresting it is. Just like how I hope to never forget these flowers, for their seemingly sempiternal beauty, I hope to never forget and lose sight of my Father’s love for me.

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