Good Friday: Personal Reflection, Option 1

Personal reflection:
Option 1. The Little Child.

Listen to the song “Why” by Nicole Nordeman once through. Do not place any expectation on yourself to have any revelations, or to be struck by the lyrics etc. Allow yourself to be taken through the story as the song plays. 

Listen to the song again. This time, as you listen to the song, you can choose to refer to the lyrics. Immerse yourself into the character of the Little Child. Imagine the varied scenes with your various senses i.e. how does it smell, feel, look etc. 

If you find yourself being drawn to a particular scene, stay on that scene as you pray. You can guide your reflection with the following questions

  • Who is “that man” to you? 
  • If you are drawn to a particular scene, why? How do you feel at the particular scene? 
  • As you imagine yourself standing at the foot of the cross, what do you see? How do you feel? 
  • How does Jesus speak to you in your life situation in this present moment?

Closing prayer
Thank the Lord for this time of reflection. 

Personal Reflection
Whatis one word that describes your takeaway from this activity today? Share the word on social media, and don’t forget to hashtag #HOmeLYWeek and tag us You may reflect and pray on it at your own time. Here are some guiding questions:

What image, memory, feeling comes to mind from the word of the day? If so, why?



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