He Makes Me Strong

by Stefanie Bates

If I had to describe myself as a piece in a chess set, before SOW I always saw myself as a tiny, powerless pawn, a person without power. I was full of fears and anxieties, and I always second-guessed myself. Sometimes I felt like the entire world drowned out my voice.

As the weeks went by, I encountered God’s love time and time again – and I felt that I was slowly getting more and more drawn to the Cross. As the Lord healed me, He gradually revealed to me that He lived in me and that was the very reason why I had a voice and why it mattered. Because of His power, I am much stronger than I think I am and that was why I survived all the difficulties in my life. He is there with me every step of the way and I truly believe that the Lord will help me realise my full potential.

I still have to discern what His mission is for me, but I am sure that once I discover what that is – the Lord will always help me figure out the next right step is in my journey of discipleship. Until then, I trust that the Lord holds immense power, and with His help, He can mould me into an effective disciple of His – and be like the queen piece in the game of chess one day.

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