He Will Make a Way

by Carolyn Lau

Have you ever felt stuck with no possibility that things will work out?

To me, it is like trying to untangle a bunch of tangled wires all by myself, a frustrating and seemingly impossible task. Sometimes the temptation is to say “there’s no way!” and just give up, or to take things into my own hands and cut through the wires, destroying them in the process.

I found myself stuck many times these few weeks in SOW. In the hopelessness, I saw the invitation to first overcome the urge to flee and then to surrender to God my need to be in control and to trust Him. I had to acknowledge that I needed help and to then dare to ask for help. Each time I did so, I experienced God sending help my way through my SOW family.

While sometimes the outcome may not be what I had originally expected, but with trust that God works for our good, I praise and thank God for showing me that He will continue to be present in my times of need. If you are feeling stuck right now, can you also trust that God will make a way for you?

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