Holy Week: Good Friday

by Caitlyn Teo

Today we remember one of the most gruesome murders in human history; that of Jesus, tortured, humiliated, and crucified. What makes us want to commemorate Jesus’ death 2000 years on?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that we call today Good Friday. Today is good because this Jesus’ death was given meaning three days later, when He resurrected, doing what no other man has done. This sets Him apart, gives new meaning to His death, and shows us definitively that He is truly God, our King, and our Messiah who has come to show us that He loves us. Without the Cross, our lives would be without fullness and abundance, as we would waste away in our own sins.

Today is good because we hold the truth that Jesus’ crucifixion is the surest sign of God’s love for us, and forms the firm foundation of our faith. With our eyes fixed on Jesus on the Cross, our hearts can be open to the truth that He is God, and that He is good.

Illustration by Kimberly Loke


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