Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well is a community of young working adults who choose to walk this journey of faith together. What’s common about the bunch of us that are relatively fresh out of school and still finding our way in the working world, is that above everything else, we want to keep ourselves anchored in the faith. Formed in 2017, we were a bunch of fresh graduates united by our desire for the Lord. Despite coming from all over, God-centred friendships blossomed in no time and this continues to be the foundation of our community.

Who We Are
The name ‘Jacob’s Well’ is adopted from the gospel story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4: 4-26). Amongst many other themes in this gospel that we identify with, the well represents the gathering place and the source of the living water. Our hope is that the community will be a gathering place where the members come to find rest in God and draw the living water. Just as how Jacob’s well was also the initial place where the Samaritan woman encountered Christ, in a similar way, we hope for this community to be where we come to encounter the Lord and to seek the living water He provides.

What We Do
We support one another along our journeys of faith. Our weekly sessions revolve around faith formation, breaking of the Word and fellowship with one another.

We welcome you to walk this journey of faith with us. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us or anyone you may know from the community, and we’ll be in touch!

WHEN: Saturdays, 12pm – 3pm
WHERE: Office for Young People
CONTACT: Justin (9230 1810) or Joey(8183 4532)