JC/IB Exam Mass – Testimony #1

My name is Zoe, I’m 19 and graduated from CJC in 2020. 

In that year I signed up for a similar exam prayer session, thinking that I would not hear anything new compared to the sessions I have previously attended. However, I was in for a surprise. During the session I realized that I was chasing after validation from this world, especially in idolizing good grades as it gave me positive attention from society. But instead, Jesus was chasing after me with promises of worth and unconditional love. It is me that He desires, and not good grades or getting into a good university. I was working hard to provide for myself when in reality, it is Him who provides for me. That day He said to me: “Zoe, your name means life. I know you chose it because of that beauty blogger, but with Me, there are no coincidences.”

There and then, I realized that I was created to live in the fullness of life instead of holding onto things that drained my life. So, I decided to desire life, eternal life, filled with pure love and joy, which actually has already been promised to me (and you!) by the one who created it.

The Lord is calling each one of us to stop running away from Him. Putting our trust in things of the world will only leave us hungry for the instant gratification that the world seemingly provides. It does not quell the many fears in our hearts, rather it only increases it. However, being faithful in God brings us the fulfilment that our hearts long for and take away the fears in our hearts. Will you surrender to Jesus for peace and joy in this exam season?


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