KICKSTART: My Father Calls Me to Greatness

Every Thursday is #testimonythursday for Kickstart 2018. Stay tuned for more!

College life is a time of great transformation, filled with trials but also with graces. The Lord offers to walk with us, to calm the storm for us and to straighten the way to fulfilment of our lives. It is difficult to comprehend how much grace is available for us to claim as sons and daughter of God the Father. It was during Kickstart that I learnt to claim this great love I cannot comprehend and grow to accept that my Father calls me to greatness- He calls this unworthy person to sainthood.  It is impossible, but He makes it possible with love to is at once constant yet ever new. He asks for us simply to start, to choose to take that first step and the rest will follow from His grace. –  Regina ,Yale NUS.

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