KICKSTART: God Welcomes Me Home

by Nevin Pang, SIT
Before Kickstart, I was a lukewarm Catholic, going for Sunday masses for the sake of obligation and not keeping Christ in the centre of my life as I fell deeper and deeper into the ways of the world.

During Kickstart, I felt that it was a wake-up call for me to really listen to what God has in store for me. I felt that even though I drifted far into the vast expanse of the world, God was welcoming me back into his arms. Also, I was introduced to the Corpus Christi Community and although we are one of the smaller university communities, I feel that being small has it’s advantages whereby we are able to bond and share better with each other.

My faith Journey ever since Kickstart has taken a turn for the better and I urge anyone who feels scared or afraid to take that step and come to Kickstart and let God work his marvellous ways in you.