KICKSTART: A Leap of Faith

One of my friends was egging me on to participate in Kickstart but I was very hesitant and anxious. I am an introverted person and retreats make me anxious. However, as most stories go, I decided to take a leap of faith. The camp was meant to be between God and I. Sounds like a cliche but, it is true.

However, Kickstart was special because this camp enables university-bound Catholics to build a connection with each other and the church. With this, we have a base to stand on in college especially with an established connection with the church. Kickstart made me realized that I was not alone going into university. Aside from mutual connections, we have been given the resources by the church to spread his Word and continue strengthening our faith even during our rigorous curriculum! For me, going overseas alone was overwhelming.

Although, my friends are in Singapore, Kickstart has helped me to kickstart my faith abroad. I’m thankful for Kickstart because even though I’m studying overseas, they have given me resources to connect with affiliated organizations in the U.S.” – Oliver Yong, Indiana University Bloomington.

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