KICKSTART: Rooted in Love

I ended the first year of university feeling empty, because it was not spent meaningfully. At that point, I reflected on my life and found it weird that I was a Catholic but had no catholic friends at all. This prompted me to join CSA cell group.

Initially thinking that I would just go for one or two cell groups only, I saw myself being drawn to continue going for cell group sessions beyond this “trial period” due to my CGLs and cell group members who helped me to better understand my faith and provided a safe space to be vulnerable and genuine together.

One thing led to another and slowly I integrated into the wider community of CSA, through going for mass and sessions and retreats. Over this period, I came to experience God’s love through the community, be it through hugs or sharings and came to realisation that the whole catholic faith is rooted in love, for God is love and we have to draw on this love before we can “properly” love ourselves and the people around us.

Having received so much, I decided to take up leadership in CSA, as a way of sharing this love with the community. Although my leadership term has been fraught with challenges to my faith, I feel that I have really grown as a person and in faith. – Filbert Lim, NTU CSA.

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