KICKSTART: Seen and Loved

I had my first intimate encounter with Jesus in my university life at Kickstart. Entering University was scary, and there were so many new things to try and experience. The biggest fear I had in university was that I would lose myself in the midst of pursuing grades and achievements.

It was in Kickstart that I learnt more about my identity in Christ and I fell in love with Jesus. The Lord had asked me to follow Him, to trust Him especially through my university days. It was through Kickstart that I met brothers and sisters who would run with me to Jesus. The Lord showed me who I am.  I am His Beloved Child. Beneath all the masks I had put on, I was known, seen, and loved by Him. He told me that I was His. As long as I remember who He is, I will never forget who I am, especially in this new phase of my life. – Bernice Lee, NUS