KICKSTART: A Space to Deepen My Relationship with Him

University is said to be the best time of our lives and yet, I entered it feeling a lot of apprehension. It was a new environment with new people and new responsibilities. As someone who had just recently decided to find God again, I was afraid that this renewed faith would be drowned by all these new things.

Coming into Fides, I found people pursuing God amidst a hectic university schedule. Being a good student and being a good Catholic no longer seemed like a dichotomy to me. I had a strong support group that became my haven when things got overwhelming. I was led back to God whenever I strayed. I was given the space to deepen my relationship with Him.

Being part of a community turned what I thought to be selfish ambition into a desire to use my gifts from God for God. University is said to be the best time of our lives. I think I’ve grown to see just why. I pray that you will too. – Sabrina Lee, SMU.

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