KICKSTART: My Strength Comes from the Lord

When I entered Uni, I felt like I was jumping back and forth between two worlds of friends-one from Catholic Students Apostolate(CSA) and the other, from my school. Though my friends in school were not those who would constantly break into vulgarities, they were very absent from school and our conversations were always centred on grades, assignments or tests.

Somehow, their way of thinking got intertwined with mine and I found myself very lost in all these worldly expectations. To make things worse for me, I constantly compared myself to those around me, even those in the other faculties.

However, I would always feel a sense of peace and serenity when I attend masses on campus or when I see my CSA community during sessions. It always feels like home. Whenever I attend CSA sessions, I am reminded of my purpose as a student and as a steward of God; I am reminded of my worth as a beloved daughter of my Father. I am seen for who I am and not what I have accomplished in school. CSA has blessed me with brothers and sisters who truly care for my well-being and it warms my heart to know that I belong to a family as such. We are not a perfect family, but we grow and support each other in the perfect love of our Lord.” The past year or so has been a constant struggle of being naked and real in front of the Lord – of removing my masks of me being strong and capable. I have learnt to accept the fact that I am weak for it is the Lord who strengthens me. I have come to understand that if I don’t derive strength from the Lord, then the strength that I receive comes from worldly materialistic things that will one day come to pass. My journey with God hasn’t been the smoothest; this removing of layers of masks hasn’t been easy. Every day is a constant battle, but the family I found in CSA makes it achievable. I praise and thank God every day for the community He has blessed me with). – Carrine NTU.

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