KICKSTART: The Unconditional Love of the Lord

Bryan Francisco

by Bryan Francisco, SIM

Before Kickstart, an old lie had begun to creep back into my heart about having to earn the father’s love. I was dreading the start of university because I thought that it was going to be another platform for me to “earn” that love.

During Kickstart, the Lord revealed his unconditional love for me once again. He began to remind me of my beloved-ness and the immeasurable love that He’ll continue to shower me with as I began university.

Since Kickstart, He continues to bless me with a loving and supportive community in school, with whom I got to know better at Kickstart. They have helped me to stay grounded in my faith and strengthened my foundation and belief in the Lord.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, Kickstart was the beginning of what it meant for me to truly be a Christian student, and I have never felt as blessed and joyful to be a student as I am now! So do give this small yes to spend 2 days with the Lord and His children and experience how incredibly He multiplies.


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