Living Rock Community

The Old Testament tells the story of a rock, struck by Moses, from which water flowed out and became a source of sustenance for the Israelites during their 40 years in the desert. The New Testament brings this metaphor of the rock to completion in the incarnation of Jesus who though struck down in death, rose to new life and became the eternal source of living water, our rock of refuge and fount of life. As a community, we seek to drink from the rock of living water, this Living Rock. Whether we share our lives with one another in community, or travel to faraway mission fields to bring others to the rock of living water , we affirm that this community wi l l always be a life-giving place of shelter and refuge for our members, a safe space for rest and renewal – a home where the love and peace of God resides. We also further desire to share this rock of living water with others so that they may come to experience life built on the foundation of Jesus and never be thirsty again.

WHEN: Friday, 8:00pm
CONTACT: Bryan (93211048)