On Loneliness

by Sophia Goh, Yale-NUS

When I was pondering the theme of Loneliness for a session, the image that came to me was of Jesus, alone and kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane—preparing Himself for even more rejection and suffering during His passion. It reminded me that, in my own bouts of loneliness, pain, and suffering, there Jesus was, and that He understands that suffering—something that I forget very easily.

While pondering this image, I felt this surge of compassion for Jesus in His loneliness at the Garden of Gethsemane. Strange, right? But it reminded me that this feeling, magnified in His love by an infinity, is what Jesus feels for me in my loneliness. It reminded me that He is close to me and my pain.

This image reminded me of the need to turn to God our Father in prayer during times of loneliness, as Jesus so steadfastly did throughout His life and even during His darkest moments. Jesus is so trusting in His Father’s presence and unfailing love, and so He asks me to be, in my turbulent emotions, suffering, and loneliness.

Finally, the stars above Jesus in this image, despite how small they are, remind me of the constancy of God’s love for us. For the distant stars, even though they last a long time, do fade away and die. But God’s love doesn’t—so much more unfailing, and more devoted, and more intimate is His love for us than those stars.

Let us journey onwards to the resurrection with expectant Faith and JOY!

Holy Week