OYP 7th Anniversary Thanksgiving Series: He Leads Me to Freedom

As we celebrate OYP’s 7th Anniversary, we look back on the wonderful things that the Lord has done in the lives of our beloved young people and express gratitude for how the Lord is indeed raising up a generation for Christ. We share one of their stories here with you.

by Trudy Chua (SOW 2019)

Jesus. Joy. Home. A place that keeps giving. These words come to mind as I ponder on OYP and the past six years since my first encounter of OYP at the first Combined Universities Retreat in 2014. 

From my experiences as a participant to being part of the service teams in OYP’s retreats, Nox Gaudiis and other events, the Lord has shown me how vast, how grand, how faithful and amazing He is, way beyond anything my mind can comprehend.

 Who was Trudy in 2014? Beloved child of God, music-lover (who was sometimes shy about sharing this gift of music), with a secret desire to dance (but was not confident).

 As I discovered and established my personal mission to bring the love of God to others through the gift of music, the Lord began giving me many chances to do so, particularly through OYP. Beginning with little invitations to be part of the worship and music team to play the keyboard for masses and praise and worship for retreats and Nox Gaudiis, He deepened my love for worship with and through music, and opened my heart to being His instrument to bring His love to His children through this gift.

 Attending the School of Witness (SOW) in 2019 also stretched my heart and pushed me out of my comfort zone time and again. Remember the Trudy who secretly loved dancing? I guess it was not much of a secret to God, who knew my heart so well. He gave me the chance to be a witness, leading me through not one, not two, but three dance items! The secret became a secret no more, and the joy that came from dancing for Him was immeasurable. 

 What blew my mind the most was Catholic Youth Day in 2019, when everything seemed to come together so beautifully. The Lord once again led me to move and dance for Him, with my many brothers and sisters in Christ. And the Lord who knows my heart reminded me that in my brokenness and healing in the years past, He had gifted me with writing songs of His love and comfort. Who would have imagined that years later, He would bring these songs back and use them to show His love and comfort to thousands more? How faithful and amazing He is!

 Now who is Trudy six years later in 2020? Still a beloved child of God, still a music-lover (who is amazed at God’s creativity and faithfulness), who not-so-secretly dances (and is grateful to dance for the Lord)!

In these six years, OYP has been a constant in reminding me of so many important truths, affirming my identity as God’s beloved child, and in being a most beautiful encourager and nurturer of gifts (for me and for so many others), keeping Jesus at the center of it all. It has truly been a joy and blessing to see so many young people (OYP staff and chaplains included!) generously giving of themselves for the Lord, and in seeing God’s faithfulness in their lives. I can’t be more grateful! 

 Praise the Lord!!



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