OYP 7th Anniversary Thanksgiving Series: Made New Through Jesus Christ

As we celebrate OYP’s 7th Anniversary, we look back on the wonderful things that the Lord has done in the lives of our beloved young people and express gratitude for how the Lord is indeed raising up a generation for Christ. We share one of their stories here with you.

by Francis Tan (SOW 2017, former OYP staff)

Hey everyone, I am Francis and would like to share about my journey with OYP!

After encountering the love of Jesus Christ, I desired to live my life totally for the Lord and was attempting to strive for holiness on my own. Without any support, I ended up feeling discouraged and even wanted to give up. It was at this juncture that the Lord guided me towards OYP through Fr Jude, who suggested that I consider joining Living Ark (one of OYP’s working adult communities).

 In joining their weekly sessions, I found a group of people who were just like me in our own pursuit for God. Through the many sharings and prayers, not only did I find encouragement, but also growth in the desire to serve and share with the rest of the community. This desire kept increasing within my heart, and eventually led me to work for OYP.

It was not just the work that I did at OYP that brought about a greater sense of fulfilment, but the relationships and lessons learned from the rest of the staff and volunteers. It was my first time meeting people who did not merely seek  results, but treasured the process and more importantly, each and every person. No matter how busy it was, they would always make time to celebrate each others’ lives, listen and be present to one another both in good times and bad.

Through both Living Ark and working for the Office, my relationship with the Lord deepened, and in the process, I discovered who I am as a person. I was loved and accepted not just for what I could do, but primarily for just being me! This is one of the most precious lessons that I hold very close to my heart. It has transformed my entire life and is something which I continue to carry with me in my own mission and ministry now as a seminarian.

 I am extremely grateful for the love, patience, thoughtfulness and care given to me by each and every individual whom I encountered. Even though this has only been a few short years in my life, it has had such a profound impact in my own discipleship journey. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to be who I am today!

For me, life is truly a miracle with Jesus Christ! My life has been transformed and yet there is still so much more! Your life is a miracle too, only if you allow Jesus into your heart! Through, with, and in Jesus Christ all things are made new and that is when life truly begins. Be not afraid and open your heart to Jesus today!



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