Monthly Bulletin

APRIL 2021 | ISSUE#51

Dear Friends,

 And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power.
– 1 Corinthians 6:14

We hope that you we find you well! This issue, we are reminded of the new life that Jesus has won for us. Just as He emerged victorious from the tomb, so too are we led out of our respective tombs into new life!

We share with you beautiful stories of faith, faith resources to help us dive deeper into the treasures of our faith, and more upcoming programs.

May what you read uplift and bless your spirits as you continue to walk onward with Jesus! 

Sons and Daughters, Rise Up! playlist



OYP Intercessory Prayer

As you continue your walk with Jesus, remember that you are not alone Click the link below and let us know how our intercessors can carry you in prayer.


Sons and Daughters, Rise Up!

Let us remember that we are Easter people, and Hallelujah is our name! 



Before attending SHINE, I was constantly lost, confused, and had no sense of direction. I frequently wondered why I needed to pray, and I was afraid that I would be judged by my friends and the people around me for my faith.

Deep down, I was excited to go for SHINE as I was looking forward to what Jesus would reveal. During one of the sessions, my facilitators prayed for me and one of them said he had an image of a scuba diver by himself, deep in the ocean. Even though there were uncertainties in the ocean, there was also a sense of freedom to do whatever I wanted – freedom to praise God in every moment and area of my life.  God revealed to me that it was ok to be scared and to be afraid. He will slowly walk with me through all the fears and uncertainties that I had and slowly bring me closer to him. No matter how long it takes he will be waiting for me with open arms.

I leave SHINE looking forward to journeying with the Lord and learning more about Him. – by Russell John, 19, ITE College Central, Participant


Part 1: Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

“… the Holy Spirit can be seen in the movements of the Church, in the work and mission of our leaders, the apostles, martyrs, preachers, evangelists. He can be seen in the parish, in everyday people who are building the kingdom. He can be seen in the ordinariness of a family striving to live a holy life. The Holy Spirit is at work in us, and has been at work in us from the moment of our baptism. Pentecost was not a one-and-done event. God has not left us as orphans to fend for ourselves, he has given us his spirit that allows us to cry out “Abba! Father” (Gal 4:6).

Through my own experiences, I have also seen how the Holy Spirit has changed and grown myself, individuals in my community, and people in my parish. He is that gentle nudge, that verse suddenly remembered, the conviction to do what is right. He is with us every day, for his mission is also Christ’s.”Arielle Chua

We will be sharing a 3 part series on the Holy Spirit in the lead up to the Church’s celebration of Pentecost. Join us as we discover more about who the Holy Spirit is to us and what He means to our lives as Christians!




200 Faith Stories for 200 Years

In line with the Catholic200SG celebrations in our Archdiocese this year, we will be sharing 200 faith stories to celebrate 200 years of the Catholic faith in Singapore!

“Living in this new life of love with the Lord has allowed me to recognise that I am held by HIm through my joys and sorrows, and that I always have been. I no longer am tempted to run from Him but am content resting in His embrace. I have learned to turn to God with my life, surrendering it and offering it to Him for it is only He, who has Lordship over my entire being.” – Alicia Lim

“Christ alone is enough and there is no turning back. There are still moments in my life where I still feel like I need to be in control but the difference now is that in spite of all of my stubbornness and  insecurities, I have faith and hope that Jesus is right by my side, loving me and fighting my battles alongside me. I will continue to look at Him, choose Him and only Him to be the Guide of my life.” – Jean D’Cruz



NS Outreach
Calling all NSFs and Enlistees!

Are you an NSF or a Pre-Enlistee? Join us for the CAYA outreach! Come and spend this time with the Lord who promises to abide with you and strengthen you during your time of service, and who invites you to come and see this community of brothers marching on with Christ!

Date: 15 May
Time: 10am to 2pm (lunch included)
Venue: OYP

Sign up here today and share this with another brother! 💂🏻‍♀️

*This event is organised in compliance with MCCY guidelines*


Graduating Poly Students Retreat
Calling all graduating poly students!

Hello! If you are graduating or have graduated from a Poly, ITE or Priv Dip in 2021, this retreat is for you! Come and spend 2 days with the Lord and allow Him to speak to you as you embark on your next phase in life 🙂 “He went up the mountain by Himself to pray.” – Matthew 14:23

When: 1st May to 2nd May 2021

Where: Office for Young People (2 Lorong Low Koon S536449)

Fee: $20

 Click below to register today!
*Planned in compliance with MCCY guidelines.


KICKSTART: Freshmen Gathering

Calling all university freshmen!

Looking for a place in uni that welcomes you as you are? Anna from SMU Fides shares her experience of God’s unceasing faithfulness at Kickstart 2020 and how her community has been her source of joy and strength! 

“During Kickstart 2020, we were tasked to write all our fears and trepidation for university on pieces of paper and cast them on a small paper boat which we folded.  It was then that an image of a lighthouse shining through the haze of raging waters came to mind… My biggest takeaway is the truth that the Lord is not who abandons, but one who sees me, holds me and loves me for who I am, His beloved daughter.Will you allow yourself to discover the Lord’s abundant love for you as you enter university?” – Anna Tseng

When: 19 June to 20 June 2021  
Where: Office for Young People (2 Lorong Low Koon S536449)