1 Peter

1 Peter is a community of like-minded young adults who seek to grow in discipleship with Christ and in fellowship with one another.  In today’s world where secularism is on the rise, we hope to be a Christ centred community, who can be an inspiration to each other and those around us through our lives.

A community primarily for young working adults, we meet weekly to break the Word of God and to fellowship with one another.  Our long term vision is to be a community of disciples living and sharing the love of Christ.  We accomplish this by forming one another as witnesses of Christ, in both discipleship and fellowship, by being one in the church and by having a heart and mind for service.

Currently, we meet weekly at the Church of Saint Bernadette for cell group sharing and formation sessions.  On top of this, we also grow through various community events as well as communal Eucharistic Adoration and the Celebration of the Eucharist.

To find out more about our community, do visit us at www.1petersg.com or e-mail 1peter.community@gmail.com.

WHEN: Friday, 8:00pm
WHERE: Church of St Bernadette
CONTACT: Janice (98801179)

Testimonies & Updates

To find out more about us and what we've been up to, read on below!

Testimony & Thanksgiving: How My Life Has Changed

By: Matthew Ng

A lovely account of how the search for more has led to a fruitful life with community. To read all about it, please click HERE.


Testimony & Thanksgiving: On Community and Vocation

By: Fiona Yeo

A touching and beautiful sharing on realising the importance of community and how it has led to the courage to respond to God's call. To read all about it, please click HERE.


Testimony & Thanksgiving: Strength in Vulnerability


A lovely testimony from one of our newest members Eleanor, on discovering true the strength and beauty of vulnerability within the safe confines of community. To read more, click HERE.

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Community, My Second Family

Olivia Tian
By: Olivia Tian

A heartwarming testimony on growing with community as one's second family. To read more, click HERE.