Living Ark Community

Our Humble Beginnings (Warning: Deep Story)
We began as a group of fresh graduates who desired to start a community together. Through the grace of God and the Graduation Recollection retreat organised by OYP, we met like-minded friends who like us, were keen to start a community and journey together. What brought all of us together was our fervent desire to be grounded in our faiths as we entered the working world. We believed that a community is essential in keeping us grounded as well as to help us grow in our love for Christ, through sharing our joys, sorrows and ambitions with one other and God as the centre of it all. All of us believed that having a community to pray with and for each other would not only help us to grow in love for one another but to grow in our desire for God as well.

Our Vision
To grow as a community of friends into a family in Christ.

Get in Touch
WHEN: Thursday, 8PM
CONTACT: Natasha (8200 4315) or


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An Ark to Shelter In

A relatable sharing by one of Living Ark's members Nicholas Goh, on how community has been a shelter and refuge for him. Click HERE for the full post

How Living Ark Got Its Name


Our community name, Living Ark, originated as a fusion between two names – Living Waters and Noah’s Ark. Click HERE to find out more about how we got our name and more.

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