Welcome to Spero Young Adults Community!

Here at Spero, we foster faith by recognising and growing to live fully in our identities in Christ. No matter where you are in your life now, we welcome you and we will walk with you on this oftentimes crazy but beautiful journey as sons and daughters of the King.

Our Beginnings

Fresh into the working world, we were excited about beginning a new chapter of our lives. However, we were also terrified that we would become just a cog in the corporate wheel and lose sight of God. Knowing that we are created not for isolation but communion, we found that journeying with fellow brothers and sisters was one way in which we could keep our gaze on the Lord.

That’s how Spero began in 2014: A simple desire for Christ, a recognition of the importance of companions and faith the size of a mustard seed. We remain a community of believers ever striving to make God the centre of our lives.

Our Name
Spero means ‘I hope’ in Latin. This is a unique hope, one that is anchored not on ourselves, our own personalities, or even specific expectations for the future, but rather anchored solely on Christ. This hope that centres on bringing our fellow community member to God allows us to speak truthfully to each other, even if we are struggling ourselves, without fear of judgement.

Our Vision
God is most glorified when we live lives of fullness and wholeness.
This means that we live as He desired us to, making shifts in our way of life, and encouraging each other to do the same.

Community and journeying with others seeking the same goal has greatly helped me keep my eyes focused on Christ. Heading in the same direction, we’re able to support each other when faced with challenges and provide that perspective we sometimes fail to see when we’re so caught up in whatever we’re facing. Ultimately it’s about knowing you don’t have to travel this faith journey alone. – Gabby

WHEN: Thursday, 8PM
WHERE: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
CONTACT: Regina (9639 4983)