Safe in His Hands

by Vinnie Lim

Before receiving my A-level results, I was feeling worried and anxious as I didn’t think I would do as well as I wanted to. I fell really ill during my last few papers, and was even hospitalised on the last day of my examinations, and thus, did not manage to finish my final paper. I felt hopeless and discouraged as I thought I could no longer stand a chance at achieving the dreams that I had carried in my heart and had made known to Jesus for the past 6 years. During praise and worship one morning, I received an image of Jesus picking the little me up from the ground. He looked at me with pure delight, then brought me closer to Him and rubbed His cheeks against mine endearingly as though to say “I hear the desires of your heart, my little Vinnie, and they matter to me too because I love you.” I was filled with so much joy and peace because the Lord assures me that even when I’m weak and small, He, the Father Almighty, hears me, sees me and loves me. I matter to Him, and my future and dreams are safe with Him.


More artwork and photo-reflections:


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