Testimony & Thanksgiving: SHINE 2021

by Russell John, 19, ITE College Central, Participant

Before attending SHINE, I was constantly lost, confused, and had no sense of direction. I frequently wondered why I needed to pray, and I was afraid that I would be judged by my friends and the people around me for my faith.

Deep down, I was excited to go for SHINE as I was looking forward to what Jesus would reveal. During one of the sessions, my facilitators prayed for me and one of them said he had an image of a scuba diver by himself, deep in the ocean. Even though there were uncertainties in the ocean, there was also a sense of freedom to do whatever I wanted – freedom to praise God in every moment and area of my life.  God revealed to me that it was ok to be scared and to be afraid. He will slowly walk with me through all the fears and uncertainties that I had and slowly bring me closer to him. No matter how long it takes he will be waiting for me with open arms.

I leave SHINE looking forward to journeying with the Lord and learning more about Him.

by Carissa Goh, Ngee Ann Poly, Participant⠀

Before coming for SHINE, I always wondered whether I was enough, I started questioning God, I was angry at Him and angry at myself.⠀

However, during the outpouring session, as I rested with the Spirit, I felt this sense of peace for the first time. A zone was created, and it was just me and Him. My mind was free of any thoughts, and I could just feel God’s love bringing me into a warm embrace. He told me that I was his beloved daughter, and nothing could ever change that. That he loved every part of me and that I am enough for him.⠀

Like in John 1: 12, I was given the power to become a child of God and I will cling on to this everlasting love that God has given me.

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