Staying Connected During the COVID 19 – ANEW

During the circuit-breaker period, God has inspired us with new ways to connect with Him and  one another! Our polytechnic and ITE communities are keeping the faith alive and continuing with weekly sessions online! We share their testimonies from the ANEW session.

When I first received the invitation to attend ANEW, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was apprehensive. Despite my worries, I decided to attend – that turned out to be a great choice! The session brought me new understanding of what God is trying to tell me. I had been far from God and I was struggling to find Him. However, after session, I felt closer to God than I had in a long time. I’ve even begun walking with Him again! Slowly but surely. ANEW also introduced me to the Catholic Community in my school. I’m glad to have found such a place and I’m looking forward to spending more time there!
– Danelle Seah, Ngee Ann Poly, Year 2


Initially, I felt very skeptical at the fact that such sessions could be done online and really wasn’t thinking much about it, but I decided to just show up since there was no harm trying. And as the session started, I realised that such sessions can be done and took away more than I thought I would. It has been quite sometime since I have received spiritual input like this and as it was during these trying times, I felt that this session really made me feel more refreshed. I was reminded that God’s presence really is everywhere, be it at home, in church or outside, and that it is possible to pray online for one another! From ANEW, it gave me a sort of hope that God is really still working during this time!
– Gerald Lew, Temasek Poly, Year 3


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