Table Of Plenty

What does it mean to embrace newness, especially in this time of prolonged mundanity? How is Jesus inviting us to live in expectant faith of what each new day can bring? A New Beginning from our zine collective Table of Plenty can be found here. We’re excited to share this with you.

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Issue #03

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Issue #04

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Issue #05

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Table of Plenty | Issue #01


Newness can often be difficult to embrace, especially in today’s climate of the pandemic. Through these few pages, we hope to explore this theme of newness given to us only by Jesus; how it thrives and prevails even in unprecedented times. ⁣

We hope that these words bring joy and light into your day. Do share it around if the reflections and testimonies contributed by fellow young people resonate with you in some way. More is to come!

Table of Plenty | Issue #02

‘Seasons of Change’ marks issue 02 of Table of Plenty! As hinted at by our teaser posts, this issue navigates the theme of earthly change in the presence of Christ. We question and delve into how we can be made secure amid turbulent waters; at peace amid the storms. This issue features reflections, testimonies, and artworks by our young people, as they ponder on how the theme resonates with their lives. ⁣⁣

We hope this issue inspires and touches you today. Feel free to share this around with your friends!