Ordinary Time Growth Series: The Importance of Embracing Our Failings

by Bryan Francisco Do you remember the movie Finding Nemo and a certain cute blue fish named Dory who seemed to be rather forgetful? She famously ssay, “When life gets you down, you know what you got to do? Just keep swimming.”. Funnily enough, this quote applies to my own spiritual journey and in my […]

Ordinary Time Growth Series: Navigating the In-Betweens of Our Journey

by Joelle Tan (front center) What is the in-between? It is a somewhat awkward, uncomfortable, and uncertain place to be. Many things can happen during this time. It’s like the third point between our starting point and our destination. A time of growth, pruning and purifying. Sometimes, we might not be sure where Jesus is […]

Ordinary Time Growth Series: On Waiting and Growth

by Joanna Chng  Honestly, waiting for someone is difficult. A myriad of emotions seems to plague me when I have to wait. I worry about whether I am at the right place, at the right time. I get anxious when the other party does not reply to my texts – have they forgotten or overslept? […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Onwards to Christ!

by Isabella Liu Hi guys!! My name is Isabella and I am a second-year medical student. Back in my first year, I was very eager and excited to try everything. I desperately wanted to be the cool kid and I wanted to be liked by everyone, and so I said yes to everything. I relied […]

Where is God in the Waiting?

by Cheong Jiarong At every day, hour and second, we are waiting for God to reveal His plans for us. When we call out to Him in our prayers and frustrations, we are waiting for a direction from Him. In our struggles, we await His response. Perhaps we may think we are not necessarily waiting […]

The Struggle is Real

by Micaela Arriola  No one can escape the experience of suffering. When we first learn composition writing, our teachers introduce a story arc – Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution -, and in every story, the struggle (Rising Action) is essential. We learn that it is absolutely necessary for making a story good, so […]

Finding True Riches in Poverty

by Revelation 22 In the Rosary, “poverty of spirit” is described as the spiritual fruit from reflecting on the Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity of our Lord. What is poverty of spirit? We may imagine that it refers to sacrifice or carrying of our crosses, resulting in us feeling down in spirits. Yet, in the Gospel of […]

Be Not Afraid: Walking the Steps of the Great Apostles

by Elaine Tan With his hands outstretched, the priest greeted the congregation: “La paz del Señor esté siempre con vosotros.” (The peace of the Lord be with you always.) In the same loving manner, he echoed the words that Christ said to His Apostles: “La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy.” (Peace I leave […]

Christian “Adulting”

Written by Christabel Fernandez As I complete my first year as a working adult, I have to force myself to sit and really reflect on life, where I am right now in my work as well as in my relationship with God. Growing up as the Youngest in the Family Progressing into the working world […]

Post-Retreat: 5 Tips on Keeping your Fire Ablaze

by Alexis Lim Zhen Ting There’s something mysterious about being within the fences of 2 Lor Low Koon. In there, my heart’s quietly and stably ablaze – after the initial flash of red and yellow sparks, I find my fire dancing to beat of the Lord’s soft whispers, especially throughout the 10 days I’ve spent […]