Testimonies & Thanksgiving: Graduating Uni Students’ Retreat 2021

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The practice of gratitude has never been more needed and important than it is right now. We take a look back at the Graduating Students Uni Retreat, which was a spiritual commencement of sorts for our graduating university students, and we praise the Lord for the blessed weekend with Him! Here are some stories of the  good works that He has done in the lives of the participants below. May their thanksgivings resonate with you and remind you of God’s goodness in your own lives as well!

“Entering GUR, I was distracted and unfocused due to my fears & anxieties about my uncertain future. I had always described my situation as floating lost out at sea, and so the retreat theme about crossing the red sea was very apt for me. Through the sessions and sharings with my CG, CGL and other friends, I was truly surprised by God’s affirmation of my journey, blessing me with truths that I didn’t know that I needed to hear. I was reminded that I could run but never hide from God, that I am never alone and that God knows the plans that He has for me. I am now learning to slowly full surrender and trust the Lord again, to bask in the waiting while step by step re-aligning my personal goals to God’s dreams for me.” – Natasha Chandra, SIM, Participant



“Prior to GUR, I had grown rather weary waiting for my job to start. This sense of anxiety over what was in store for me was amplified by inactivity at home. Moreover, thoughts of whether this was the “it” job for me lingered and I questioned whether my education will be wasted by taking up something I deemed to be of less value, because the salary wasn’t as high compared to my peers. In GUR, the Lord consoled me with the truth that I am chosen in my unique way and that my worth does not rest in my job or temporal successes. During one of the sessions, the question of whether I have been chasing success or significance struck me. The Lord revealed to me my compulsion to compare my supposed achievements with others, which brings about a spiral of misery and self-condemnation. I’m grateful for the time the Lord has allowed me to block out to be still, for these truths to settle in my heart and teach me of my imperfectness, so that I may learn to rely more on his grace. Truly, his grace alone is enough.” – Jeremiah Lim, SMU, Participant


“Before entering GUR, I thought I was sure of the plans that God has set out for me. I thought that by being able to secure a job (and having had started it already), my life would be smooth sailing and all I needed to do was to be intentional in being a disciple in the workplace. However, the Lord stirred a revelation in my heart this GUR. He revealed to me many considerations that I have to make in this season of change, as I am finally moving into a new phase of life and as independence starts to set in. I remember sitting in awe and a little bit of discomfort at how the Lord wanted me to realise that although my dreams and fire of wanting to be a disciple in the workplace were good, the harsh reality is that it will not be easy. A truth that I want to claim from GUR is that the Lord asks a lot of those who follow Him, but little of those who do not.

Today, I am reminded that the journey of discipleship in the workplace is never going to be an easy one. I will be facing trials, the world will hate me and condemn me for choosing the Lord above what they think is good for me. But as long as I know of my identity in Christ, and am reminded of it in the workplace, I will continue to be a strong disciple living out my faith in my daily life. I’m ready to do life with Jesus!” – Tasha Ng, NUS, Participant


“Coming into GUR, my mind was filled with much anxiety and worry about my future. I realised that in my fears and spiritual sloth, I had relegated God to the backseat of my life. He was part of my life but He was not in the driving seat. This retreat reminded me of the intentionality in walking with the Lord and how we as His disciples are set apart. I was reminded that if I professed myself to be His disciple, the way I live has to look different from others. As I leave GUR, I hold on to what Fr Jude said, “If you are not prepared to fight for something, you are prepared to lose it”. I pray that I will have the courage to live out my faith boldly in my own unique way and allow Him to meet me in my weaknesses, so that He may be my pillar of strength.” – Dennis Lo, SMU, Participant

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