Testimony & Thanksgiving: ANEW

Over the June term break, Polytechnic and Private Diploma students from our campus communities gathered for formation and group sharing online on the 17th and 24th for the ANEW series holiday edition.The sessions covered prayer with silence and acceptance, coming out of hiding from darkness into light, in their relationship with God. We hear some students on what they are thankful for. 

by Gerald Lew, Temasek Polytechnic

“I thank God for reminding me that it is okay to be feeling down at times and that He is always present around me. Despite not having Mass or the Eucharist, there is still a community of brothers & sisters in Christ who have the same purpose in wanting to grow closer to God during these times and I thank Him for introducing them to me. I also thank Him for giving me more understanding on how to discern and hear His voice, especially since we live in a rather ‘noisy’ world.”

“I’ve learned how to listen to God’s voice more clearly, and know that He works and speaks in silence. I also claimed the truth that we are His children of light, and we should listen to His voice to be a light to others.” – Teresa Hon, Singapore Polytechnic

by Johann Mikhail Hervas, Nanyang Polytechnic

“I give thanks for the community and the strength it provides me to keep strong in my faith despite having failed numerous times in it. I also give thanks for the teachings of the faith that I have learnt about and will keep them in my mind and heart. Lastly, I give thanks to the service team for having put so much effort into planning such an event.”

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